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The 2018 Celebrating Greyhounds calendars are here. Follow the link to find out how to order.

On November 28, 2016, Nasa the Greyhound got loose from his foster home. After an exhaustive 6 day search, Nasa's body was recovered from the median of the nearby highway. He had only been in our adoption program for two days when this tragedy happened. Nasa's Wish is that no other adoptable Greyhound go through what he went through. Please support our efforts in supplying a tracking device for each of our adoptable dogs.

Buy your 2017 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars now! Use the links provided here for PayPal or mail a check for $12.50 for a wall calendar or $15.50 for a desk calendar plus $6.50 for postage.

As a verb, the word rescue is defined as saving (someone/something) from a dangerous or distressing situation; it might be used to define what we do. As a noun, the word rescue is defined as an act of saving or being saved from danger or distress; it might be used to define who we are.

Why does MoKan Greyhound Adoption continue to place Greyhounds in homes with small children and homes without fenced yards when so many others don't?

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